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Latest Speed Skating News (2008/2009)                                    


29 May 2009



vs. The 3rd Masters’ International RUSSIAN ALLROUND CHAMPIONSHIPS were held  on 14 – 15 March 2009 in the wonderful new icehall in Kolomna/Moscow Region. 84 Participants (20 Ladies, 64 Men)  from 2 Nations (NED 4, RUS 80) competed in the Allround combinations (4 distances) of the Allround Games (Men from AG 65 and Ladies 500 m, 1500 m/1000 m, 3000 m, Men AG 20 – 60  500 m, 3000 m/1500 m, 5000 m). Good results were reached under the top conditions in the icehall. The results of the Ladies can be seen under and the results of the Men under Three Records from the IMSSC Records List 2008 could be lowered by Tatyana Sidorova/RUS, L 70, 1000 m 1:48,87, 3000 m 5:52,89 and 4 distance combination (500 m, 1500 m/1000 m, 3000 m) 227,346 points. We hope that next year we will still have more international participation at this interesting competition.          


28 May 2009

Masters’ International Sprint Classics Inzell 2010 canceled


vs. The Masters’ International Sprint Classics can’t be held in Inzell/GER at 13 – 14 Feb 2010, as originally planned. It is not possible to have competitions in 2009/2010 in Inzell because of the construction of an icehall in Inzell instead of the existing open air stadium. We hope that we can be again in Inzell in the new icehall with the 15th Masters’ International Sprint Classics in Jan/Feb 2011.  


23 May 2009

Masters’ International Competition Calendar 2009/2010


vs. The Masters’ International Speed Skating Competition Calendar 2009/2010 (provisional) has been issued on the IMSSC Webpage The 2nd Masters’ International SPRINT GAMES will take place in Milwaukee/USA and the 19th Masters’ International ALLROUND GAMES  will be held in Baselga di Pinč/ITA. The 3rd Masters’ International CANADIAN OPEN will be organized in Québec/CAN instead of in Calgary/CAN. For the first time there will be a Masters’ Competition in Salt Lake City/USA, the 1st Masters’ International AMERICAN ALLROUND. It may be a good possibility for competitors to combine the participation in the AMERICAN ALLROUND with the participation in the CANADIAN OPEN or in the SPRINT GAMES, because the AMERICAN ALLROUND lies at the weekend between those of the two competitions.        


18 Mar 2009

18th Masters’ International ALLROUND GAMES at Fosenhallen Bjugn/NOR


vs. The 18th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games were held in Bjugn/Norway at 27 Feb – 3 Mar 2009. 184 participants (38 Ladies, 146 Men) from 12 Nations (FIN 13, ESP 1, GER 13, ITA 6, LAT 2, NED 59, NOR 67, ROM 1, RUS 12, SUI 7, SWE 2) competed in Allround Combinations (4 distances) during three competition days. The competitors were happy that the organizers and the jury made it possible that there was no restriction at the longest distance, all could skate all four distances. Good Results were reached by the participants, see Two IMSSC Records from the List 2008 could be lowered by Lasma Kauniste/LAT, F 65, 500 m 53,58 sec, Allround Combination (500,1500/1000, 3000 m) 219,831 points. But at the 500 m she was already faster at the Sprint Games/Inzell/GER two weeks ago.


The days in Bjugn were wonderful for the competitors and also for their companions. All were impressed how much a small community can reach and organize if there are good ideas and a good cooperation. At first there was the impressive Fosenhallen with perfect ice and good possibilities for warming up. Additionally the neighboured sports hall gave further possibilities for warm up and recreation. In the nice restaurant in the ice hall with a good view on the track there was a lot of communication between competitors, companions and spectators. The competitions were perfectly conducted by a large jury and many assistants. A lot of spectators cheered the competitors on,  not only adults but also children from the school and the kindergarten, who also had much fun. Two large orchestras made nice music during the competitions, a wind orchestra and a concertina orchestra.


There was already a small cultural program before the Drawing and the fine Welcome Drink. The Opening Ceremony in the ice hall with the mayor, standard-bearers and wind orchestra  was impressive. Additionally Bjugn had organized a fantastic cultural evening on Friday in the culture house for the competitors and other guests with dance performances from folkdance to jazz dance, with music from classic opera music to dance music and other performances. The whole program was presented by the gymnasium and local clubs. The fine Victory Ceremony was held before the well organized closing banquet in the nice decorated Festival Hall of the culture house with dance at the end. You find several nice videos of the Games in Bjugn from Marty Hair under The participants agreed on the meaning that this were the nicest Masters’ Games ever. They will never forget these Games and the Spirit of Bjugn!                


18 Mar 2009

Masters’ CANADIAN OPEN in the Richmond Olympic Oval

rh. 88 Competitors, icluding 73 Canadians, 1 German, 1 Romanian and 13 Americans, skated in the 2nd Masters’ CANADIAN OPEN, a short allround competition held during February 21 – 22, 2009 in the new Richmond Olympic Oval in Vancouver BC, see . Overall results for the 25 female competitors included Nicole Slot  (1st), Connie Pope (2nd) and Anika Bédard (3rd) you find here, while Randy Plett (1st) Patrick Kelly (2nd) and Bob Irvine (3rd) topped the roster of 63 male skaters, results see here Medals were awarded to the top 3 participants in each 5-year age class for both men and women including Roy Whitney (80+) and Agatha van der Starre (75 – 79). Unofficial competition included a fun 100 m final for the top sprinters which turned out to be a crowd attraction for many spectators. Off the ice – over 75 participants, officials and companions gathered for an excellent buffet dinner and social event organized by Brett & Marnie Anderson at a neighbouring hotel on Saturday evening. Brief presentations by Speed Skating Canada representatives included a continued commitment to masters speed skating in this country. Many thanks to the numerous officials and to British Columbia Speed Skating for a well run event that was enjoyed by all participants. Additional results including opening and lap times can be seen here .


18 Feb 2009

1st  Masters’ International SPRINT GAMES, Inzell/GER, a Success

vs. The 1st Masters’ International SPRINT GAMES in Inzell/GER at 14 – 15 Feb 2009 were a great success. 164 Competitors (31 Ladies, 133 Men) from 13 Nations (AUS 1, ESP 1, FIN 9, GER 32, ITA 10, LAT 2, NED 53, NOR 29, ROM 1, RUS 18, SUI 3, UKR 1, USA 4) competed in the Sprint combination 500 m, 1000 m/500 m, 1000 m in two days. There was also a strong loss of skaters by illness or other reasons: From 225 entries only 164 skaters came (loss 27 %). At the first day there was a light snowfall, but at the second day we had sunshine. The temperatures were under 0 degree centigrade, it was really cold. The ice was not bad at the first day but still better on the second day. So good results could be reached. Several IMSSC Records from the list 2008 could be lowered: Lasma Kauniste/LAT, F 65, 500 m 53,29 sec; Arne Svanberg/NOR, M 85, sprint combination 297,230 points; Martin Haakon Fagna/NOR, M 75, sprint combination 208,025 points;  Arne Foldvik/NOR, M 70, sprint combination 193,470 points; Leif-Harry Hansen/NOR, M 65, 500 m 43,99 sec. Leif-Harry Hansen was only 2/100 sec slower than three weeks ago at the Masters’ SDR in Hamar. The participants met for Drawing and a Welcome Reception  Friday evening. The Victory Ceremony was held directly after the competition before the ice stadium and the Closing Banquet at the Festival Hall Inzell later in the evening. A lot of contacts could be made between the participants of the different nations at the Closing Banquet. You can find the results under (results first day) and (results second day). You find pictures from the competition under There are no pictures from the Ladies because unfortunately the photographer had to warm up for his races during the races of the Ladies.          


10 Feb 2009

13th Masters’ International MASTER CUP, Berlin/GER 2009

vs. The 13th Masters’ International MASTER CUP was held at the Icehall Sportforum in Berlin-Lichtenberg/Germany at 07 - 08 February 2009 on perfect ice. 71 Competitors (17 Ladies and 54 Men) from 10 Nations competed in Allround Races (Men AG 65 – 75 and Ladies all AG 500, 1500/1500, 3000 m; Men AG 20 – 60 500, 3000/1500, 5000 m) and reached good times and Allround points. The loss of entered competitors by illness or other reasons was extreme this year, from 108 entries only 71 skaters came (loss 34 %, about 1/3). After the drawing Friday evening the competitors had a very good buffet at the Kolumbus Hotel, the Official Competition Hotel, which is situated near the icehall (15 min walk). The competition was conducted very well by a large jury and competition bureau. Head of the Organizing Committee was Jörg Krakow from the TSC Berlin. The Complete Results can be seen at the webpage .      


10 Feb 2009

7th Masters’ SDR, Hamar/NOR, Further Details

vs. At the 7th Masters’ International Single Distance Races in Hamar/NOR at 24 – 25 Jan 2009 the number of 113 participants (9 Ladies, 104 Men) from 5 Nations (GER 4, ITA 1, NOR 99, SUI 1, SWE 8) competed in the famous Viking Ship, the Olympic Speed Skating Hall of Hamar at the shore of the Mjřsa Lake. On good ice several IMSSC Records 2008 were lowered by the following competitors: Geir Hestad/NOR, M 55, 500 m, 41,71 sec; Ivar Amundsen/NOR, M 55, Sprint Combination 500, 1000/500, 1000 m, 167,650 points; Onar Westerheim/NOR, M 60, Allround Big Combination 500, 5000/3000, 10000 m, 189,162 points; Leif-Harry Hansen/NOR, M 65, 500 m, 43,97 sec; Harald Paulsen/NOR, M 65, 10000 m, 16:44,64 min; Arne Kjell Foldvik/NOR, M 70, Allround Combination 500, 3000/1500, 5000 m, 200,064 points. The conmpetitors came together for a banquet at Saturday evening in the Restaurant Vikingskipet.          


28 Jan 2009


vs. For the 7th Masters’ International Speed Skating SINGLE DISTANCE RACES, Hamar/NOR, Vikingskipet (Viking Ship) Olympic Ice Hall, at 24 – 25 January 2009, 119 Masters (9 Ladies, 110 Men) from 5 countries (GER 4, NOR 106 , ITA 1, SUI 1, SWE 7) had entered. The Results can be found under Further details will be reported soon.


28 Jan 2009

10th Masters’ MEETING, Davos/SUI

vs. The 10th Masters’ International Speed Skating MEETING, a jubilee competition, was held at the same date as the AMERICAN SPRINT, at 10 – 11 January 2009 at the fast natural ice track of  Davos/Switzerland. 23 Masters (3 Ladies, 20 Men) competed under wonderful conditions, cold, but not too cold, sunshine, good ice. The participants could fully enjoy the wonderful track with the nice mountains of the Graubünden Alpes around. At the drawing with a minute of silence Bryan Carbis was honoured, the organizer of the Masters’ Davos Meeting for 10 years, who died one month ago after being desparately ill last year. Saturday evening, after the annual aperitif, the participants took part in an anniversary dinner at Hotel Bahnhof Terminus, still planned by Bryan, which was enjoyed very much by the participants. It was a great evening. And it was a great competition. Results see under “Results”.   


28 Jan 2009

2nd Masters’ AMERICAN SPRINT, Milwaukee/USA    

vs. The 2nd Masters’ International Speed Skating AMERICAN SPRINT took place at 10 – 11 January 2009 in Milwaukee/Wisconsin/USA. 26 competitors (4 Ladies, 22 Men) from 2 Nations (CAN 1, USA 25) reached good times on perfect ice. As Andrew Love reported, this year the ice of Milwaukee was as perfect as the ice in Salt Lake City. He skated the same good times at both places. Three IMSSC Records were lowered by Bruce Connor/USA in age group M 50, 500 m 39:04, 1000 m 1:17,92, four distances 156,670 points. Results see under “Results”.


22 Dec 2008

Masters’ REVIVAL in the Alpes in Baselga/ITA    

vs. At 06 – 07 Dec 2008 the 2nd Masters’ International Speed Skating REVIVAL was held at Baselga di Pinč/ITA. 20 Masters (2 Ladies, 18 Men) from 6 Nations (ESP 1, GER 1, ITA 12, NED 1, NOR 1, SUI 4). The participants competed on good ice and wonderful weather at the nice situated track beween the white mountains of the Italian Alpes of the Trentino. Records were not broken at this competition early in the season. But good results were reached from the participants. The participants were living in the Competition Hotel, the nice Hotel Olimpic 100 m from the track, and had there much good discussions about Masters’ Speed Skating, but also about other things, and had much fun. The Speed Skating track will be applicant for hosting one of the next Allround or Sprint Speed Skating Games. Results see under “Results”.


22 Dec 2008

Bryan Carbis Died   

vs. It is with great regret and sorrow that we inform you of the death of our good friend

Bryan Carbis

He died at the 3 Dec 2008 at an age of 47 years after being  more than a year desparately ill. He was Vice-President of the International Skating-Club Davos (ISCD) for many years and head of the Organizing Committee of the Masters’ International Speed Skating DAVOS MEETING since 10 years. In his youth he was Short Track Champion of Scotland and later Speed Skating Champion of Great Britain. He took part in the Olympic Winter Games in Sarajewo/Yugoslavia for Great Britain where he made the acquaintance of Rita Brunner from Davos, his later wife . He founded a family in Davos  and promoted Speed Skating in Davos. He was additionally starter for International Speed Skating Competitions. The International Speed Skating Masters say him many thanks for his great efforts to organize the annual Masters’ International Speed Skating  DAVOS MEETING at the wonderful Eisbahn Davos with fast natural ice, situated  in the middle of Davos and with the wonderful white mountains around. They had fine competitions and much fun all the years.       


10 Dec 2008

Masters’ CANADIAN OPEN, New Olympiahall Richmond/CAN    

vs. The announcement of the 2nd Masters’ International CANADIAN OPEN  in Richmond-Vancouver/CAN at 21 – 22 Feb 2009 in the new Olympiahall for the Olympic Winter Games 2010 now is available. Already one year before the Olympic Games you have the possibility to take part in an International Masters’ Allround Competition in this new interesting Speed Skating Hall. You can print the Entry Form from the Announcement in


02 Dec 2008

Open Austrian Ice Marathon on the Plansee   

vs. There is the possibility to take part in the Open Austrian Speed Skating Ice-Marathon Championships at 24 January 2009 on natural ice on the Plansee/Austria. The distances are 21 km for Ladies and 42 km for Men. You find information in detail in the Invitation and Announcement, see .    


27 Nov 2008

Masters’ International CRITERION Erfurt/Germany with good Results   

vs. At 22 – 23 November 2008 the 5th Masters’ International CRITERION was held in Erfurt/Thuringia/Germany, the first International Masters’ Competition in the winter season. After the drawing Friday evening the participants had a common buffet where an intensive exchange of ideas took place for several hours. Both events were organized in a small hall in the Athletics Hall Erfurt. The competition start was on Saturday at 13.00 o’clock. The number of  84 competitors, 14 Ladies and 70 Men from 6 Nations (AUT 1, GER 33, NED 49, NOR 16, RUS 2, SUI 5) competed in the nice harmonic Gunda-Niemann-Strirnemann-Icehall of Erfurt. 107 Entries had been accepted originally so that 23 skaters were hindered to take part by illness, injuries, etc. (loss = 21 %). Good results were already reached early in the season. Geir Hestad/NOR, M 55, lowered the IMSSC Record 2008 in the Allround Competition 500/1500/1000/3000 m with 170,726 points. The competition was very well organized by the experienced organizing team and jury of  the Thuringian Ice Federation. The ice had an excellent quality. You find the results of the competition on the website and the complete minutes under the link ”Officials (DOC)” also on this website. 


10 Nov 2008

Correction IMSSC Records’ List 2008  

vs. A correction had to be made in the IMSSC Records’ List 2008. Alf Gjřlga/NOR did already set a new IMSSC Record 2008 for M 60 on 1000 m with 1:25,28 at 09.02.2008 in Hamar/NOR and not Kees Verdouw with 1:25,41 at 21.03.2008 in Heerenveen/NED, as unfortunately reported initially.      


06 Nov 2008


vs. You can find the Entry Lists for the most of the Masters’ International Competitions easily on the Website of the IMSSG, see The Entry Lists of the 3rd Masters’ International REVIVAL/Baselga di Pinč/Italy and of the Masters’ International ALLROUND GAMES/Bjugn/Norway you find a bit more difficult on the Websites of the organizers, see also To find the Entry List of the Revival/ITA, you have to click on the British flag on the Homepage of the Icerink Pinč, then on “competition” and then on “Entry List” in the row of the 3rd Masters’ International Revival.       


13 Oct 2008

Proposal “Masters’ World Championships” again rejected 

vs. The ISU Council again rejected the proposal of the IMSSG to change the Names Masters’ International SPRINT  SPRINT GAMES and Masters’ International ALLROUND GAMES into the names Masters’ WORLD SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIPS and Masters’ WORLD ALLROUND CHAMPIONSHIPS at its Autumn Session at 3 – 5 Oct 2008 in Trento/ITA despite of a collection of  180 signatures of the competitors of the Masters’ Allround Games 2008 in Erfurt/GER in favour of such a change, initiated by the Thuringian Ice Federation.. A proposal for this change had already been made by the IMSSG as part of a proposal for the introduction of some Masters’ Rules into the ISU Rules last year. But this proposal  was also rejected by  the ISU Council at its Autumn Session 2008. In the most other International Sport Organizations Official Masters’ World Championships are accepted and organized officially, as at IAAF (Athletics), FINA (Swimming, Diving, Water Polo), ITF (Tennis) and UCI (Cycling)  


13 Oct 2008

Budget IMSSG accepted

vs. The ISU Council accepted the the Budget 2009 for the ISU Masters’ Speed Skating Working Group (IMSSG) as proposed by the IMSSG at its Autumn Session at 3 – 5 Oct 2008 in Trento/ITA. The Budget contains contributions for the organizers of the Masters’ International  SPRINT GAMES 2009 in Inzell/GER and the Masters’ International ALLROUND GAMES 2009 in Bjugn/NOR.       


13 Oct 2008

Andrew Love appointed as IMSSG Member  

vs. The ISU Council appointed Andrew Love/Salt Lake City/USA officially as Member of the International Masters’ Speed Skating Working Group (IMSSG) for America at its Autumn Session at 3 – 5 Oct 2008 in Trento/ITA. The other Members of the IMSSG are Jae-Seok Choi/Seoul/KOR for Asia, and Sven-Ĺge Svensson/Oslo/NOR and Volker Serini/Krefeld/GER (Coordinator) for Europe.     


09 Oct 2008

Altered Dates for Masters’ Competitions

vs. The dates of four  Masters’ Competitions have been altered in the last time:  13th Masters’ MASTER CUP in Berlin/GER, 7 – 8 Feb 2009 (instead of 14 – 15 Feb), 1st Masters’ Sprint Games in Inzell/GER, 14 – 15 Feb 2009 (instead of 7 – 8 Feb), 6th Masters’ LONG DISTANCE RACES in Heerenveen/NED, 17 Mar 2009 (instead of 18 Mar) and 2nd Masters’ HEERENVEEN SPRINT in Heerenveen/NED 18 – 19 Mar 2009 (instead of 19 – 20 Mar). See announcements , ,  and  .


07 Oct 2008

Quota OTHER NATIONS at Masters’ Sprint Games raised

vs. The Organizing Committee of the 1st Masters’ International Speed Skating SPRINT GAMES decided to raise the quota of OTHER NATIONS from 10 to 25 entries. If there will be quota of Nations incompletely used at the deadlines of the entry procedure, the free places may be used to  compensate for this increase. The measure became necessary because of the unexpected high number of entries of OTHER NATIONS. Nations’ Quota see below under 5 Sep 2008.


07 Oct 2008

Masters’ Age categories in USA and CANADA

vs. IMSSC age categories now are officially approved by US Speed Skating for metric long track, as Andrew Love reported, IMSSC Member USA. US Speed Skating officially recognizes the IMSSC Rules now in their constitution. Also Speed Skating Canada has changed to the IMSSC age categories, but the age definition seems still to be 1 year different, according to a report of Ross Hanham on the Canadian Masters’ Website .


01 Okt 2008

Announcements Published, Entries Possible

vs. The main part of the announcements of the Masters’ International Speed Skating Competitions is published now on this website and you can already make entries for these Competitions. The procedure of entering the competitions has altered for most of the Competitions. For these competitions Electronic Entries are possible or obligatory. You find the Electronic Entry Forms on this website, the procedure is simple. You fill in the Electronic Entry Form completely on your PC and send it to the organizer of the competition only by a click on the button “Submit”. You will get a confirmation by email that your entry did arrive at the organizer. You can find the Electronic Entry Forms also directly via this table: .     


14 Sep 2008

Higher Nations’ Quota for the 18th ALLROUND GAMES Bjugn/NOR 2009 

vs. At the IMSSC Summer Session the head of the organizing committee of the 18th Masters’ International Speed Skating ALLROUND GAMES, Mr. Ĺdne Rřkkum, informed the participants of the session that the number of participants for the Allround Games in Bjugn can be increased from 200 to 220. From this new number of participants the number of possible entries can be increased from 235 to 259 (about 15 % loss of entered participants because of illness, etc). So the Nations Quota can be increased as follows (old quota in parantheses): CAN 13 (12), FIN 13 (12), GER 25 (23), ITA 13 (12), NED 63 (57), NOR 75 (68), RUS 19 (17), SUI 12 (11), USA 10 (9), OTHER NATIONS 16 (14), Sum 259 (235).


05 Sep 2008

Quota for 1st SPRINT GAMES Inzell/GER 2009 

vs. The 1st Masters’ International Speed Skating SPRINT GAMES will be held at 14 – 15 February 2009 in Inzell/Germany. The quota for the number of accepted entries of the different Nations will be the following: CAN 14, FIN 11, GER 48, ITA 12, NED 66, NOR 43, RUS 18, SUI 13, Other Nations 10 (in sum 235 accepted entries).  


27 May 2008

Master Cup Berlin/GER in February 2009 

vs. As date for the 13th Masters’ International MASTER CUP Berlin 07 – 08 Feb 2009 was just confirmed. The competition takes place in the icehall of the Sportforum in Berlin-Lichtenberg. The distances at the Allround Competition will be the same as at the Allround Games in Bjugn/NOR three weeks later. Men up to age group M 60: 500 m, 3000 m/1500 m, 5000 m; Men from age group M 65 and Ladies up to age group L 65: 500 m, 1500 m/1000 m, 3000 m; Ladies from age group L 70: 500 m, 1000 m/1500 m.


08 May 2008

Date of the 1st SPRINT GAMES Inzell/GER  

vs. The date for the 1st Masters International SPRINT GAMES in Inzell/Germany was confirmed yesterday by the Head of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Hubert Graf. These Games will be held at 14 – 15 February 2009. The number of 235 Entries will be accepted until the deadline of entries (then by experience we will have 200 competitors). After the ice speedway races in Inzell at 29 Jan – 1 Feb 2009 speed skating training again will be possible from Wednesday 04 Feb 2009 in the evening. At 05 – 13 Feb 2009 training will be possible in the morning, afternoon and evening. At the competition days 14 – 15 Feb 2009 speed skating training will be restricted to limited training times, as then indicated in the entrance hall of the icestadium.       


03 May 2008

Minutes of the 28th IMSSC Session 2008 Erfurt  

vs. The Minutes of the 28th IMSSC Session 2008 in Erfurt have been issued now and can be read also at this website under . In these minutes you find a lot more about the 28th IMSSC Session in Erfurt 2008 than the information given below.


03 May 2008

The News ICEOVAL 2008  

vs. From the next season there will be changes in the Masters’ Speed Skating News ICEOVAL 2008. The Announcements of Masters’ International Competitions will not be issued in ICEOVAL in the future but only on the Masters’ Websites. The participants of the Masters’ International  Competitions of the last season will not receive automatically and free ICEOVAL 2008. But ICEOVAL 2008 can be subscribed (yearly fee 10 EUR). All information given in ICEOVAL will also be available in the Masters’ Websites  and .


03 May 2008

New Masters’ International Competitions in 2008/2009 

vs. Besides the SPRINT GAMES and ALLROUND GAMES there are planned a lot of Masters’ International Competitions for 2008/2009 as every year (see Masters’ International Competition Calendar 2008/2009 at this Website). New is the exchange of the Masters’ International GRISHIN MEMORIAL against the Masters’ International RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS. The 28th IMSSC Session 2008 in Erfurt decided this change because it is much more interesting for foreign participants, who have along journey and additional work for getting visa, to have a competition with four distances in two days instead of a competition with only two distances at only one day. New may also be a Masters’ International Competition in Salt Lake City/USA. Andrew Love will clear up the possibility. 


03 May 2008

1st Masters’ SPRINT GAMES 2009 in Inzell/GER 

vs. The introduction of Masters’ International SPRINT GAMES was decided at the 28th IMSSC Session 2008 in Erfurt/GER. These Masters’ International SPRINT GAMES shall be held every year in another country. The 1st  Masters’ International Sprint Games will take place in Germany: 2009 Inzell/GER (2 days).


03 May 2008

Masters’ Allround Games 2009 - 2011  

vs. The places for the Masters’ International Allround Games in the coming years are as follows:

2009  Bjugn/NOR  200 participants (3 days).

2010  Innsbruck/AUT  200 participants (3 days).

2011  Calgary/CAN  300 participants (4 days).

The places Innsbruck 2010 and Calgary 2011 were decided at the 28th IMSSC Session in Erfurt/GER 2008. The change of the name “Masters’ Games” to “Allround Masters’ Games” was

necessary because of the introduction of additional Masters’ Sprint Games from 2009. Kolomna/RUS as place for the Games 2010, as decided by the IMSSC in 2007, was cancelled because of reasons described in the Minutes of the 28th IMSSC Session Erfurt 2008. See this  website.


03 May 2008

Nations Quota for the Games in Bjugn/NOR 2009  

vs. At the 28th IMSSC Session in Erfurt/GER 2008 the quota of the participating nations were decided:  CAN 12, FIN 12, GER 23, ITA 12, NED 57, NOR 68, RUS 17, SUI 11, USA 9, Other Nations 14 (Sum of possible Entries 235). The entries of the contries GER, NED, NOR, RUS, SUI will be made over the IMSSC Members of these countries, who will carry out the necessary selection of the participants. The entries of the other countries will be made by the Organizer of the Games according to the dates of the entries.


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