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Speed Skating News 2006/2007 and 2005/2006 (Archives)                                                      

19 June 2007

Three Competition Dates Confirmed Now

vs. Three dates of International Masters’ Competitions are confirmed until now:

14th Masters’ International Speed Skating Sprint Classics, Inzell/GER, 02 – 03 Feb 2008,

6th Masters’ International Speed Skating Single Distance Races, Hamar/NOR, 09 – 10 Feb 2008,

17th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games, Erfurt/GER, 29 Feb – 02 Mar 2008,  

Because of an Ice Speedway Race there is no speed skating possible in Inzell 23. – 29.01.2008, but speed skating training for the Sprint Classics is again possible from Wednesday, 29. Jan 2008, in the evening. See


03 Mar 2007

Masters’ Games Calgary 2007, Participants, Results, Information, Pictures

vs. At the 16th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games in Calgary/CAN, 22 – 25 Feb 2007,  288 Master Speedskaters (65 Ladies, 223 Men) from 14 Nations (AUT 1, CAN 92, FIN 5, GER 17, IRL 1,  ITA 8, LAT 2, NED 68, NOR 50, ROM 1, RUS 5, SUI 12, UKR 1, USA 25) competed in Allround Competitions in the famous Olympic Oval Icehall. Under excellent conditions 94 International Masters’ Records (IMSSC Records) of the List 2006 and a lot of personal best times were lowered on the fast ice. The results can be found under  .

A good presentation of the results can be found under  (Ladies) and  (Men).

A lot of  further informations and pictures can be found under


and under 



02 Mar 2007

Master Cup in Berlin/GER Feb 2007

vs. The 11th Masters’ International Master Cup was held at 17 – 18 Feb 2007 in Berlin-Lichtenberg/GER in the Icehall Sportforum. 56 Masters (8 Ladies, 48 Men) from 6 Nations (EST 1, GER 29, ITA 2, NED 7, NOR 10, RUS 7) competed in the 4 distance races. The distances were the same as one week later at the Masters’ Games in Calgary/CAN. Under good conditions 5 IMSSC Records from the List 2006 were lowered: Martin Haakon Fagna/NOR (M75) 500 m 50,84, 1500 m 2:37,02, 1000 m 1:42,36, 3000 m 5:33,59, 4 distances 209,958 points. The results can bee seen under .    


31 Jan 2007

Masters’ Games Calgary 2007, Event Schedule

v.s. You find an Event Schedule of the 16th Masters International Speed Skating Games, Calgary/CAN, 22 – 25  Feb 2007, Olympic Oval, at the Website of the Olympic Oval . This Event Schedule contains information about the competition program of the different Age Groups of Ladies and Men. It gives information at which days which distances have to be skated. Also further information is given. See .  


29 Jan 2007

Masters’ Sprint Classics Jan 2007, Inzell/GER, Results

v.s. The 13th Masters’ International Sprint Classics took place in Inzell/GER last weekend (27 – 28 Jan 2007). 85 participants  (16 Ladies, 69 Men) from 9 Nations competed (FIN 3, GER 34, ITA 8, Lat 2, NED 13, NOR 1, ROM 2, RUS 13, SUI 7). The weather was mixed, the first day there was light snowfall, the second day was more friendly, the sun came out and the participants could enjoy very good ice, blue sky and the wonderful white Bavarian mountains surrounding the speed skating track.  17 International Masters’ Records (IMSSC Records) from the List 2006 were lowered: Tatyana Sidorova/RUS (F70) 500 m 56,31, 1000 m 1:57, 49, 500 m 54,38, 1000 m 1:54,82, 4 distances 226,845 points; Regula Bürgin/SUI (F35) 4 distances 192,835 points; Ivan Pelipenko/RUS (M80) 4 distances 275,785 points;  Martin Haakon Fagna/NOR (M75) 500 m 51,84, 1000 m 1:46,42, 500 m 51,82, 1000 m 1:43,81, 4 distances 208,775 points; Andreas Kraus/GER (M30) 500 m 37,87, 1000 m 1:17,09, 500 m 37,51, 1000 m 1:15,80, 4 distances 151,825 points. A table of the end results only are to find under . The results can be found completely (including lap times) under      


24 Jan 2007

Masters Open Championships 2007, Milwaukee/USA

v.s. Announcement and Entry Form for the 10th Masters’ International Open Long Track Speedskating Championships, Milwaukee/USA, 17 – 18 Feb 2007, in the Icehall of the Pettit National Icecenter,  now are available:

Announcement front page: ;

Announcement backpage: ;

Entry Form: ;  

Waiver: .


21 Jan 2007

Games Calgary Feb 2007, List of Competitors

v.s. The Olympic Oval Calgary/CAN just has issued the List of Competitors (Accepted Entries) for the 16th Masters International Speed Skating Games at 22 – 25 Feb 2007 in Calgary/CAN. This List contains 328 Competitors (73 Ladies , 255 Men) from 13 Countries (AUT, CAN,  FIN, GER, ITA, LAT, NED, NOR, ROM, RUS, SUI, UKR, USA). See at the Website of the Olympic Oval .


20 Jan 2007

2nd Evgueny Grishin Memorial Moscow Mar 2007

vs. On Saturday, 24 Mar 2007, the second edition of Evgueny Grishin Memorial will be held at the covered speed skating track “Krylatskoe in Moscow. It’s an one day Masters competition for men and women on 500 m and 1500 m. For the first time a limited number of foreign Master skaters is invited to take part in this interesting speed skating competition. You find the announcement under .


18 Jan 2007

Car Rental at the Games Calgary /CAN Feb 2007

vs. Ms Karrie Kreutz from the Olympic Oval Calgary/CAN gave us the following information for Masters participating in the 16th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games 2007:

we have negotiated with the National Car Rental a special rate for any of the Masters who are participating in the Games. Please pass to the Masters that they can rent a vehicle from National and receive the special rate by quoting “3715275” when they book it.


16 Jan 2007

Davos/SUI Meeting 2007 on Natural Ice Successful

vs. The low temperatures in Middle Europe seemed to get a problem for the 8th Masters’ International Speed Skating Meeting in Davos/SUI, 13 – 14 Jan 2007, at the famous Natural Ice Track in Davos-Platz. But astonishingly the temperatures were low enough for good ice and the weather was wonderful. So the 21 Masters (2 Ladies and 19 Men) from 7 Nations (CAN 1, GER 1, NED 6, NOR 1, SUI 10, USA 1, RUS 1) could enjoy one of the nicest speed skating tracks in the world. The excellent results will soon be issued in the Internet under . 2 International Masters’ Records 2006 (IMSSC Records) were lowered: Patrick Kelly (M45) 1000 m 1:19,10, Allround Small Men 170,221 points.


16 Jan 2007

Excellent Results at the Single Distance Races Hamar/NOR 2007

vs. More than 90 Masters, among them 6 foreign skaters (ITA 3, NED 1, SWE 2) competed in the 5th Masters’ International Single Distance Races in Hamar/NOR, 13 – 14 Jan 2007, in the Olympiahall Vikingskipet. Excellent Results were reached by the competitors on wonderful ice in the famous and nice speed skating hall, many records and many personal best times. 15 International Masters’ Records 2006 (IMSSC Records) were beaten (4 distance results not yet regarded): Asier Iturria/NOR (M 30) 10.000 m 15:33,86; Ivar Njøs/NOR  (M 40) 500 m 37,81; Geir Hestad/NOR (M 50) 5000 m 7:31,77; Ragnvald Næss/NOR (M 50) 10000 m 15:29,10; Erik Vea/NOR (M 55) 500 m 41,80, 1500 m 2:04,85, 3000 m 4:22,04; Brynjulf Måkestad/NOR (M 55) 500 m 42,43; Ivar Amundsen/NOR (M 55) 1000 m 1:23,65; Arne Foldvik/NOR (M 70) 1500 m 2:23,96, 5000 m 8:33,53; Martin Fagna/NOR (M 75) 500 m 50,87, 1500 m 2:38,16, 3000 m 5:38,29, 5000 m 9:46,13. The results can be seen at .


16 Dec 2006

List of Entries closed for the Games Calgary/CAN 2007

vs. The List of Entries for the 16th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games in the Olympic Oval Calgary/CAN, 22 – 25 Feb 2007, was closed at 10 Dec 2006. All Entries up to this date were accepted including Entries on the Waiting Lists, only the Waiting List of the Netherlands was too large and had to be restricted to 17 Entries. The following numbers of Entries were accepted for the different Nations: AUT 1, CAN 102, FIN 7, GER 18, ITA 12, LAT 2, NED 87, NOR 56, ROM 2, RUS 14, SUI 12, UKR 1, USA 29, Cases of Hardship 10, Sum 353, according to the announcement. The List of Entries is really closed. If an entered skater will fall ill and cannot participate, he cannot be substituted by another skater. According to the announcement these cases are already taken into consideration by accepting 15 % more Entries (353) than the maximum number of possible competitors (300), because about 15 % of the entered skaters are to be lost by experience before the competition by illness, etc. (53).  


13 Dec 2006

Masters’ Revival in Baselga di Pinè/ITA a Success

vs. The reanimated Masters’ International Speed Skating Revival, held at 9 – 10 Dec 2006 in Baselga di Piné/ITA, was with 25 participants from 4 Nations (ITA 20, NED 1, ROM 1, SUI 3) a success. One of the competitors was the famous former Champion Roberto Sighel (M40), who skated 1000 m in excellent 1:19,04. We hope that  this competition in a beautiful region of the Southern Alpes at a  nice track,  which already took place several times for Italian Masters and already two times for the International Masters some years ago,  can again be held every year. You find results under and some pictures of this competition in the Website of the Italian Massters under  .


29 Nov 2006

9 IMSSC Records lowered at Criterion Erfurt/GER

vs. 98 Competitors (23 Ladies, 75 Men) from 7 Nations (GER 35, NED 37, NOR 8, ITA 6, ROM 1, RUS 5, SUI 6) took part in the well organized 3rd Masters International Speed Skating Criterion in Erfurt/GER, 25 – 26 Nov 2006, in the Gunda-Niemann-Stirnemann-Icehall on excellent ice. 9 International Masters’ Records of the IMSSC Record List 2006 were lowered: Anja Bollaart/NED (F 40) 500 m 42,84; Janine Slootstra/NED (F 40) 1500 m 2:16,78; Jan van der Meulen/NED (M 60) 1500 m 2:10,81, four distances 176,606 points; Lars Eskeland/NOR (M 75) 500 m 51,59, 1000 m 1:44,76, 1500 m 2:41,12, 3000 m 5:37,82, four distances 213,979 points.  Complete results with lap times see


22 Nov 2006

Third Host Hotel for the Games in Calgary/CAN 2007

vs. The room capacity of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel and the Quality Inn Hotel (see Announcement) is not sufficient for the high number of Games participants. Because of this reason a third Host Hotel for the 16th Masters’ Speed Skating Games 2007 Calgary/CAN was added by the Organizer: Ramada Hotel, see . Ms Karrie Kreutz from the Olympic Oval Calgary gave us the following additional information: “We did run into a small problem with one of our host hotels. Since they were unable to provide us with the number of rooms we felt we required for this event, we have added a third host hotel. We encourage any of the masters who are currently booked at the Four Points Sheraton to consider re-booking at the Ramada, it is more conveniently located (close to the train) and transportation. Also any of the masters currently booked at the Four Points should carefully check their confirmations and ensure they are booked in their hotel uninterrupted, as the hotel added additional rooms for us but, with a two day transfer to another hotel (Feb. 23 & 24), which is at the Airport, quite a distance from the Oval.”  


15 Nov 2006

State of Entries for the Masters‘ Games 2007 (2)

vs. In the meantime (see Latest News 5 Nov 2006 below) only the quota for GER , NOR and USA are not yet full. The quota of  CAN (91), NED (70) and Other Countries (41) are reached by the entries. Further entries from these countries will be wait listed till 10 Dec 2006 (deadline of entries), see . After this date there will be taken a decision about the free places from quota not filled up. They will be distributed among the wait listed entries.


14 Nov 2006

Website with Information for US Masters

vs. Under you find  webpages with interesting reports and articles about Masters’ Speed Skating. This webpage designed by Andrew Love, the fast Masters’ World Record Holder over 500 m and 1000 m /M35 and Sprint 500/1000/500/1000m-M35, is interesting for all Masters, but especially for US Masters. He advertises the participation of more US Master Speed Skaters in the 16th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games in Calgary/CAN, 22 – 25 Feb 2007, because up to now only a part of the quota of entries for USA is used, 11 from 50 (   


11 Nov 2006

List of Entries closed for Criterion Erfurt 2006

vs. The List of Entries for the 3rd Masters’ International Speed Skating CRITERION, 25 – 26 Nov 2006 in the Gunda-Niemann-Stirnemann-Icehall in Erfurt/GER, was closed ( The maximum of 107 entries, according to the announcement, was reached nearly at the deadline 3 Nov 2006. But there were several entries more than 107. It is a pity that these skaters cannot participate. However they have the possibility to take part in the Masters’ International Speed Skating REVIVAL in Baselga di Piné/ITA, already 9 -10 Dec 2006 (, and  in the 8th Masters’ Speed Skating MEETING in Davos/SUI, 13 – 14 Jan 2007 (, with the same 4 distance competition. Additionally there are  the 5th Masters’ Speed Skating SINGLE DISTANCE RACES in Hamar/NOR, 13 – 14 Jan 2007 (     


05 Nov 2006

State of Entries for the Masters’ Games 2007 (1)

vs. At the moment the state of entries of competitors for the 16th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games  in Calgary/CAN on 22 – 25 Feb 2007 is as follows:

Nations           Quota             Entries            Remaining free entries

CAN               91                    91                    0

GER                41                    15                    26

NED                70                    70                    0

NOR               60                    50                    10

USA                50                    11                    39

OTHER           41                    33                    8

Remaining free entries, Sum                       83

Maybe that we will have about 50 remaining free entries after the Entry Deadline 10 Dec 2006. These free entries would be distributed among the competitors on the waiting lists according to the rule: “The remaining free entries may be distributed among the nations having more entries than quota in relation to their quota”. In the moment this would be CAN and NED.


30 Okt 2006

Icehall Bjugn/NOR under construction

vs. Bjugn is going to host the Masters’ Games in 2009. Their new speed skating icehallFosenhallen” is under construction. Parts of the work is done by voluntary locals to keep the costs down. At the moment the roof is covered with boards. The opening is scheduled for late February 2007. You can see a lot of pictures here: .


07 Okt 2006

Nearly all Masters’ Announcements 2006/2007 now published in the Internet

vs. Nearly all Announcements of the International Masters’ Competitions (containing Entry Forms) were published now in the Internet ( ) .  


02 Okt 2006

ICEOVAL 2006 published now

vs. The International Masters’ Speed Skating News ICEOVAL  2006 was published now. This issue is the 11th Years’ Issue. At the 30 Sep 2006 it was sent by mail to all subscribers and to all competitors of International Masters’ Competitions 2005/2006, who have paid an IMSSC fee. The ICEOVAL 2006 is containing the Announcements of the Masters’ International Competitions of the season 2006/2007. These announcements will also be issued on the Official Webpages of the IMSSC and/or IMSSG in the Internet and/or from 07 Okt 2006. If you want to subscribe the ICEOVAL, see “start/background informations/imprint” on the Webpages .        


01 Okt 2006

Minutes IMSSC Summer Session Mai 2006

vs. Now the Minutes of the 25th IMSSC Session in Haarlem/NED  27 May 2006, the Summer Session, are also available in this webpage, see .   


27 Sep 2006

Date Long Distance Races Heerenveen 2007 has changed,  ICEOVAL 2006

vs. The planned date 22.03.2007 for the Masters’ International Speed Skating Long Distance Races in Heerenveen/NED could not be realized. Now the confirmed date is: Wed 12 Mar 2007.  The date could still be corrected in the announcement of the races in ICEOVAL 2006, which is in print and will be posted next week.


07 Sep 2006

Dates Changed for Masters’ Games Calgary/CAN and IMSSG and IMSSC Sessions in Feb 2007

vs. Because of the high number of expected entries for the 16th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games in Calgary/CAN the number of competition days was raised to 4 competition days: Thu 22 Feb – Sun 25 Feb 2007. Because of this reason the 4th Session of the ISU Masters Speed Skating Group (IMSSG)  and the 26th Session of the International Masters Speed Skating Committee (IMSSC), being held in conjunction with the Games, have to be advanced one day to Tue, 20 Feb 2007 (IMSSG) and Wed, 21 Feb 2007 (IMSSC).      


23 Aug 2006

Announcements and Entries for the Masters’ Competitions 2006/2007

vs. The announcements of the competitions of the coming season 2006/2007, as for example the Masters Games/Calgary/CAN, the Masters Criterion/Erfurt/GER, and the other International Masters’ Competitions (see Masters’ International Competition Calendar 2006/2007), will be issued in October in the ICEOVAL, Masters’ International Speed Skating News 2006. This ICEOVAL will be sent to all skaters who paid an IMSSC fee at an International Masters’ Competition in the last season. Some days later, also in October, the announcements will also be issued at the Webpages of the IMSSC and/or the IMSSG, and In the announcements you will find the Entry Forms for the participation of these competitions. The Entry Form, which you find at the Masters’ Webpage of the Netherlands for the Masters’ Games/Calgary/CAN, can only be used for the participation of the skaters of the Netherlands.       


22 Aug 2006

11th Masters’ International Master Cup Berlin-Lichtenberg Feb 2007

vs. The 11th Masters’ International Speed Skating Master Cup will again offer the same 4 distance and 3 distance competitions as the Masters’ Games in Calgary/CAN. Last year the competition unfortunately could not be organized. The competition will be held 17 – 18 Feb 2007 in Berlin Lichtenberg, Sportforum Icehall, also one week before the Masters’ Games in Calgary. Another date with a larger space of time before or after the Games was not possible.


22 Aug 2006

10th Masters’ International Open Championships Milwaukee/USA Feb 2007

vs. The 10th Masters’ International Open Long Track Speed Skating Championships will be organized  17 – 18  Feb 2007 in the Pettit National Icecenter Milwaukee, Wisconsin/USA. The date, one week before the Games in Calgary, was chosen to enable the Masters’ from overseas to take part in the Milwaukee Championships as well as in the Calgary Games (see below “In Conjunction with the Masters’ Games in Calgary 2007”).


06 Aug 2006

3rd Masters’ International Criterion Erfurt Nov 2006

vs. The date for the 3rd Masters’ International Speed Skating Criterion now was confirmed. The competition will take place 25 – 26 Nov 2006 in the Gunda-Niemann-Stirnemann-Icehall Erfurt/Germany. Because of the success last year there will not be a second competition parallel to this event. So the number of participants can be risen to 100 in maximum (last year 70).


08 Jul 2006

51st ISU-Congress Budapest/Hungary 2006 and Masters

vs. For the first time a representative of the International Masters Speed Skating Committee (IMSSC) and ISU Masters Speed Skating Group (IMSSG), Dr. Volker Serini, was invited by the ISU-President, Mr. Ottavio Cinquanta, to take part in an ISU Congress, the 51st Ordinary Congress in Budapest/Hungary 24 – 30 Jun 2006. Mr. Cinquanta was reelected as ISU President, Mr. Zimmermann as first Vice-President for Speed Skating, Mr. Dore as second Vice-President for Figure Skating, and all Council Members for Speed Skating and Figure Skating were reelected for the next 4 years. In the Technical Committees there were several changes. Appeals Commission and Disciplinary Commission were merged to the Disciplinary Commission.


Especially the following 3 amendments of ISU Rules by the Congress are important for Masters:


Rule 102, § 4. b)

Amend as follows:

b) ….sanctioned competitions. Paid employees and remunerated coaches may not compete in ISU Events or any other international competitions exept International Masters/Adult Competitions.

Comment: The employees and coaches are heartily invited to take part in International Masters’  Competitions.


Rule 107, § 9

Amend as follows:

9. International Masters/Adult Competitions

Competitions for Masters (Speed Skating) and Adults (Figure Skating) that may be conducted in cooperation with the ISU as decided by the Council Sports Directorate.

Comment: Concerning Masters’ International Competitions  now the recently introduced ISU Sports Directorate  will be the discussion partner of the IMSSC and IMSSG instead of the ISU Council.


Rule 276, § 1 a)

Amend as follows:

Racing suits and head protection

1 a) ……..and a maximum width of  2.5 cm are allowed. For the purpose of protection against injuries, skaters may wear a helmet. Only helmets confirming to the specification approved for Short Track Speed Skating (Rule 295, § 1 a ) will be allowed.

Further specifications concerning allowable racing suits and the use of head protection  (helmets) may be issued by the ISU and shall then be announced in an ISU Communication or ISU Circular Letter.

Comment: Helmets will be allowed also in Masters’ International Competitions, but only helmets approved for Short Track Speed Skating. 


19 Jun 2006

Minutes of the 3rd IMSSG Session issued

vs. The 3rd Session of the ISU Masters Speed Skating Group (IMSSG) was held in conjunction with the 15th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games in Helsinki at 1 Mar 2006 in Helsinki/FIN. The session took place one day before the 22nd  Session of the International Masters Speed Skating Committee (IMSSC). All members of the IMSSG, an ISU Working Group, are also Members of the IMSSC. The IMSSG  is the connecting link between IMSSC and ISU. In the Minutes you find amongst other things informations about the connections between the Masters and the ISU and  proposals of the IMSSG for the incorporation of Masters ‘ Rules in the ISU Rules (see Minutes) .


16 Jun 2006

Canadian Masters’ Website


vs. Already since a long time Ross Hanham/CAN sends by email news about national and international Masters’ Speed Skating to many interested Masters especially in Canada, but also in USA and other foreign countries. These informations also were kindly issued by Aris Dijksman/NED on the website  of the Dutch Masters since several months. Now Ross Hanham has issued an own Canadian Masters’ Website with these important News under . For the French speaking part of Canada the informations are kindly translated by Anika Bédard/CAN.


14 Jun 2006

Data Masters’ Single Distance Races/NOR and Masters’ Sprint/GER 2007

vs. The data for the 4th Masters’ International Single Distance Races in  Hamar/NOR, 13 – 14 Jan 2007, and the 12th Masters’ International  Sprint Classics in Inzell/GER, 27 – 28 Jan 2007, now are known. The Single Distance Races take place at the same date as the Davos Meeting, so that you have to decide which competition you prefer in the coming season. There was no possibility to find different data for these interesting competitions. See Provisional Masters’ Competition Calendar 2006/2007 in .


26 Mar 2006

In Conjunction with the Masters’ Games Calgary 2007

vs. The Masters International Open Long Track Speed Skating Championships in Milwaukee/USA 2007 will be organized probably one weekend before the Masters’ International Games in Calgary/CAN 2007:  17 – 18 Feb 2007. That opens the chance for the foreign participants, especially from Europe, to take part also in this very interesting and largest competition for Masters in USA,  if they are ready to make their travel to Calgary/CAN indirectly through Milwaukee/USA. The following distances will be possible to skate at this event: Metric 500 m, 1000m; Packstyle 300 m, 500 m, 800 m, 1000 m, 3000 m, 5000 m (Fun Super Finals), see also “Provisional Competition  Calendar 2006/2007” under .


19 Mar 2006

Minutes of the 24th IMSSC Session Helsinki/Finland 2006 published

vs. The Minutes of the 24th IMSSC Session in Helsinki/Finland, 2 Mar 2006, have been published now. Important decisions at this Session were:

  • Games 2009 in Bjugn/NOR near Trondheim
  • Large quota of entries for Games Calgary/CAN 2007
  • New Masters’ Competition in Baselga di Pinè/ITA2007
  • New IMSSC Statistician, new IMSSC Member ROM
  • New and altered IMSSC Rules
  • IMSSC Records listed in future for Ladies 10.000 m
  • IMSSC Records at Masters’ International Competitions for 2004/2005 accepted for Master/Master pairs also if the referee has drawn mixed pairs Master/Junior or Master/Senior, but no IMSSC Records accepted in such mixed pairs.
  • From 2006/2007 at Masters’ International Competitions also IMSSC Records possible for Masters if drawn by the referee in a mixed pair Master/Junior or Master/Senior.  
  • etc.

You can find the complete Minutes under .


19 Mar 2006

Date of the IMSSC Summer Session known

vs. The date of the 25th IMSSC Session (Working Session in summer) now is known. The Session will be held in Haarlem/NED at 27 Mai 2007. You can find the invitation with agenda under


09 Mar 2006

16th Masters’ International Games, 23 – 25 Feb 2007 Calgary/Canada

vs. The date for the 16th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games 2007 in Calgary/Canada will be the 23 – 25 Feb 2007, see Masters’ International Competition Calendar 2006/2007. After the victory ceremony of the Games in Helsinki the Masters were invited to the 16th Games in Calgary at this date by Mrs. Karrie Kreutz and Mr. Jock Wilson from the Olympic Oval Calgary/Canada. Up to 300 skaters will be accepted at these Games (respectively 353 entries because of  about 15 % loss by illness, etc., by experience). Entries for these Games 2007 will be possible from October 2006 after the issue of the ICEOVAL 2006, International Masters’ Speed Skating News, with the Official Announcement of this competition and the Official Entry Form. This Official Announcement will also be issued in the Internet in October 2006 under and/or  after the issue of the ICEOVAL 2006.


09 Mar 2006

15th Masters’ International Games, 3 – 5 Mar 2006 Helsinki/Finland

vs. In the very good organized 15th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games Helsinki 174 Masters, 34 Ladies and 140 Men from 12 Nations (AUT 1, CAN 3, EST 1, FIN 40, GER 18, ITA 8, LAT 2, NED 43, NOR 35, RUS 12, SUI 9, USA 2) competed in the Oulunkylä Ice Stadium in Helsinki/Finland. The weather conditions at the well conducted competition  were different, light snowing at the first day, light snow showers at the second day, sunshine at the last day, temperature during the competition days about minus  8 ° C. The Lord Mayor of Helsinki honoured the participants of the Games by giving them a reception in the wonderful City Hall of Helsinki with a nice buffet and a welcome drink. The victory ceremony and the closing banquet took place in the banquet hall of Sokos Hotel Presidentti. 6 IMSSC Records (International Masters’ Records) were beaten:  Eila Seppälä/FIN in age group F 70: Allround Small Ladies (500 m, 1000 m, 1500 m) 265,285 points. Joe McDonald/USA in age group M 85: 500m  1:09,90; 1000 m 2:25,80; 1500 m  3:51,70; 3000 m 8:03,10; Allround Small Men (500 m, 1500 m, 1000 m 3000 m) 300,449 points. Results can be found under .             


09 Mar 2006  

Masters’ International Open Championships, 25 – 26 Feb 2006 Milwaukee/USA

rh. More than 70 Masters including 10 Canadian Masters participated in the Masters’ International Open Championships in Milwaukee, in the icehall of the Pettit Center. The competition  was almost non-stop with 11 events scheduled within 2 half-day sessions. The 5 year age groups for men and women skated both Olympic style (metric) 500 m and 1000 m; mass-start (pack-style) heats and finals over 500 m, 800 m and 1000 m; and mass-start (pack-style) finals for 1500 and 3000 m. The final event saw all competitors in a 5000 m drop-out mass-start race. This was a tremendous fun event for master skaters of all abilities and ages where Canadian competitors were welcomed with open arms. Organizers of the competition: Harry Dingle, Stephen Gunther and Al Jakubowski with his team of volunteer officials.

Complete event results, courtesy of meet coordinator Al Jacubowski, can be seen at:

Additional photos and stories can be found at:

v.s. Thanks to Ross Hanham/CAN for these informations.


27 Feb 2006

Italian Masters also with Short Track Speed Skating

vs. Since some weeks the Italian Speed Skating Masters have a very interesting and very nice Website with news about the Italian Speed Skating Masters (Speed Skating and Shorttrack Speed


Skating) under  in the Internet . For the first time there is reported about Master activities in Short Track Speed Skating at National Masters’ Webpages.  


26 Jan 2006

12th Masters’ International Sprint Classics, Inzell/Germany 21 – 22 Jan 2006

vs. At the 12th Masters’ International Speed Skating Sprint Classics in Inzell/Germany 84 participants, 17 Ladies and 67 Men of 10 Nations (RUS 10, GER 42, SUI 9, ITA 9, LAT 2, NED 6, USA 2, NOR 1, CAN 1, ROM 1) competed. The excellent results can be seen with all lap times on the website   under “Ergebnisse” and under “21.01.2006 and 22.01.2006, Internationaler Senioren Sprint”. The number of  8 IMSSC Records 2004/2005 were broken by Andrew Love/USA (M35 500 m 37,47; M 35 1000 m 1:17,37, M 35 points 4 distances 153,815), Patrick Kelly/CAN (M40 500 m 38,12; M 40 1000 m 1:18,36; M40 points 4 distances 155,715) Boris Leikin/USA (M 50 500 m 39,51) and Gundi Pawasserat/GER (F40 points 4 distances 195,855).   


26 Jan 2006

7th Masters’ International Meeting, Davos/Switzerland 14 – 15 Jan 2006

vs. The 7th Masters’ International  Speed Skating Meeting in Davos/Switzerland was a great success on the famous natural ice of the Eisbahn Davos under wonderful weather conditions, cold and much sun, and around the white mountains with much snow. 46 Competitors, 9 Ladies and 37 Men from 10 Nations (CAN 1, GER 2, ITA 9, LAT 2, NED 7, NOR 8, ROM 1, RUS 1, SUI 14, USA 1) took part in the competition. 11 IMSSC Records 2004/2005 were beaten by Andrew Love/USA (M 35 500 m 37,81; M35 1000 m 1:15,95; M35 points 4 distances 163,463), Patrick Kelly/CAN (M40 500 m 38,05; M 40 1500 m 1:59,97; M 40 1000 m 1:16,52; M 40 points 4 distances 161,768), Jan van der Meulen/NED (M60 points 4 distances 177,595), Peter Reimann/SUI (M65 points 4 distances 191,490), Ria Slikker/NED (F55 points 3 distances 150,736) and Lasma Kauniste (F60 points 3 distances 169,816). The complete results, including lap times, see  under “Int. Masters 05/06” and “Results & Laps”.      


26 Jan 2006

4th Masters’ International Single Distance Races, Hamar/Norway 7 – 8 Jan 2006

At the 4th Masters’ International Speed Skating Single Distance Races in Hamar/Norway 95 competitors, 6 Ladies and 89 Men from 6 Nations (GER 6, ITA 4, NED 1, NOR 81, SWE 1, USA 2) participated in the famous Vikingskipet, the Olympic Speed Skating Hall at perfect ice. Excellent results were obtained by the participants, 12 IMSSC Records from 2004/2005 were beaten by Andrew Love/USA (M35 500 m 38,17; M35 1000 m 1:15,71; M35 500 m 37,94), Geir Hestad/NOR (M50 3000 m 4:20,93), Arne Foldvik/NOR (M 70 3000 m 5:02,73; M 70 1500 m 2:25,21; M 70 5000 m 8:50,89), Erik Vea/NOR (M55 1500 m 2:06,80) Grit Mertens/GER (F35 5000 m 8:50,04), Ingunn Sandoe/NOR (M40 5000 m 9:27,03), Rune Solli/NOR (M30 10000 m 18:51,59) and Ragnvald Naess/NOR (M50 10000 m 15:34,45) . You can find the results under .


04 Dec 2005

2nd Masters’ International Criterion, Erfurt/Germany Nov 2005, number of participants doubled

vs. The 2nd Masters’ International Speed Skating Criterion was held at the 26 – 27 Nov 2005 in the Gunda-Niemann-Stirnemann-Icehall Erfurt/Germany. With 81 participants against 40 participants in the last year the number of participants has doubled. 11 Ladies and 70 Men from 6 Nations (GER 21, ITA 3, NED 36, NOR 9, RUS 6, SUI 6) could show their excellent shape already early in the season. 5 IMSSC Records (International Records) were broken by Halida Vorobiova/RUS, Tatyana Sidorova/RUS, Karel Margry/NED, Victor van den Hoff/NED and Ludwig Meyering/NED. Here you find a summary of the results: .            


04 Dec 2005

15th Masters’ International Games Helsinki/Finland 2006, informations

vs. On the webpage of the 15th Masters’ International Speed Skating Games Helsinki 2006 you will find a lot of informations about the Games. For example you find informations about the entered and accepted competitors, about accommodation and about connections by bus between the competition hotel and the icestadium.  



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